Disappointment Just May Be a Gift

Dawn, a Fortune 500 consultant, was one of three people leading a corporate restructuring. It was to be modeled as a butterfly: one wing the people; the other the clients. In the middle were the operational services that enabled the organization to do its work.

Dawn expected the president to name her the head of support services. However, the day before the big reveal, the president told Dawn that he would be taking support services and she would lead the people wing.

Dawn had no vision for the division she was given and a huge disappointment set in. She tried to do it anyway, and that put her in the back seat of her dream to lead the implementation of this cool organizational model.

Dawn’s moment of clarity happened when she tried to shrink to fit into the role, and realized that she could never fit. She was unsuccessful and fell into poor health.

Shortly after being pushed out, she joined a company whose work and approach were aligned with her own. It was then that she realized how much of her dream and herself she had given away.

Dawn celebrates the wisdom of getting into the driver’s seat of her dream with these thoughts.

  1. Gift. This disappointment was a tremendous gift. Now, when an opportunity presents itself, I ask, “Does it excite me? Is it aligned with who I am, my purpose, and how I want to use my gifts?” If yes, then, I take the work. If not, then I evaluate whether what I could get from the work justifies the personal toll it may take on my physical and spiritual health.
  2. Walk away. When I am offered a leadership role, if it is not my work, I don’t do it.

For the past decade, I have been in business with a business partner whom I trust. I help people use their best gifts and talents. When I am doing work that allows me to see the mighty oak in the acorn, I am riding in the front seat of my dream.

To read more personal stories of women taking the wheel of their dream, visit www.thembispeaks.com Are You Riding in the Back Seat of Your Own Dream?


About Diane Jordan-Grizzard

Diane's mission is to serve as midwife to the birth of men and women's dreams and possibilities. Diane lived in Liberia, served as a midwife, owned a business, and witnessed the military coup. These experiences and her formal studies inform her approach to executive coaching, large and small group facilitation, writing and speaking. She has 20 years experience in organizational leadership and effectiveness.
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