The Art of Manifesting Emergent Leadership


Dear friends,

While being a practicing midwife in Liberia West Africa, I discovered my life’s call. It is to be a catalyst in bringing forth an alternate future in personal and organizational life. My journey has connected me to amazing women with similar passion. The following story illustrates the remarkable capacity to manifest what we want.

In February 2012, Nancy Fritsche Eagan invite seven women to dinner at her home. Eileen Cooper Reed and I were visiting New York from Cincinnati to attend the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women. I was gathering material for a book and Eileen was working with me. Nancy invited Dr. Lucia Alcantara, a friend and colleague of hers as well.

Something extraordinary happened that evening. As each woman recounted her story, the conversation went deeper and deeper. Both the immediate intimacy and the authenticity were quite remarkable. After dinner, the other three women went their ways, but these four stayed much later continuing to add, refine and divulge more and more of their stories. By the end of the evening, we had woven a tapestry of skill, personality, education and experience that portended a formidable benefit to each other and the communities we serve. There was unanimous acknowledgement amongst us that there was a unique body of work to be developed.

Despite the distance between us, the individual businesses and lives we lead, we determined to explore and create products and services that would assist individuals, organizations and communities to transform themselves. When we aptly coined the work as “creating alternative futures,” I realized my call to do this work began decades ago in Liberia.  The midwife metaphor and several other concepts were vetted in numerous conversations. Yet, none fit our collective idea of guiding change and transformation more effectively than midwifery. Naming oneself is a significant event, and we chose to name ourselves Doula (midwife) Designs.

Storytelling as well as other narrative threads is central to this work and as such compelled us to tell you our story. This is only the beginning. We invite you to join us in hosting delicious spaces where people craft their passions and practices as we share them with those of you who have the awareness of the need or desire to transform.

To join us in Cincinnati, log on to:

My best to you, Diane

About Diane Jordan-Grizzard

Diane's mission is to serve as midwife to the birth of men and women's dreams and possibilities. Diane lived in Liberia, served as a midwife, owned a business, and witnessed the military coup. These experiences and her formal studies inform her approach to executive coaching, large and small group facilitation, writing and speaking. She has 20 years experience in organizational leadership and effectiveness.
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